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We are YouTube SEO consultants that will help you make money from your YouTube channel.
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We are YouTube SEO consultants who help businesses improve the rankings of their videos in YouTube search.

YouTube SEO is key to helping you monetize video content. Whether via advertising revenues or referrals, YouTube can be used to develop revenues in different ways.

It's important that your videos rank to increase revenue potential.

We are not filmmakers; we are a YouTube SEO agency who help you increase video traffic.

Speak to our team now about how we can help you increase the money you make from YouTube.

Who we are

At FCAB Digital, we work with our clients to create bespoke digital marketing solutions. Different businesses have different audiences and different marketing goals. 

For some, it's essential to be forward thinking and focus on social media platforms. For others, customers are most likely to be reached via Google, whether that's Google Ads, YouTube, search engine optimisation, or beautiful websites.

What we do

As a YouTube SEO agency, we are well-placed to spearhead your video marketing efforts and focus on creating digital campaigns to monetise your content.

How we do it

Unlike other digital marketing companies and agencies, we prioritise what is absolutely essential for your business. 

If it won't help grow online sales or reach your target audience, we won't recommend it, and we certainly won't charge for it.
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Our YouTube SEO Services

As with SEO in general, your content is king. We do not create videos for clients; your user engagement, editing, and the information given is down to you.

Our skills lie in the work that should go in to YouTube supporting the videos themselves.

Further down this page are some basic tips on how to improve your YouTube marketing and ranking positions. These are the basics that will help you get started on your own.

However, if you are looking for a third party to provide YouTube SEO services, you've come to the right place.

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Why use an SEO agency over doing it myself?

In short, quality, time, and YouTube SEO strategy.

A company or sole trader typically focuses on what they deliver, and rightly so. The corner stone of any brand is product or service associated with it.

Our job is to focus on the marketing. We give your YouTube channel and its video content unbridled attention. 

We consider everything from keyword research, audience, video thumbnails, and video descriptions to how your channel works with your business brand, ranking factors, video titles, and more.

As an agency we provide a service for clients either on a per video basis or monthly basis.

How do I optimise my channel in 2023?

As a business owner, it's important to know how YouTube SEO works if you want to make the most of the World's second largest search engine.

Below are 8 steps to improve your YouTube video ranking in YouTube search.

8 Things That Help Your YouTube SEO

1) Video File Name

The first factor is your video file name. You want to name it something that is keyword rich but also easy to remember.

2) Video Titles

Your title is next, and this is where you really want to pack a punch with your keywords. You have less space here so make it count. 

Do not spam keywords! Keyword research is very important.

3) Video Description

Your video description is important for two reasons:

Firstly, YouTube uses this text to generate searchable keywords for your video. 

Secondly, this is your chance to tell YouTube (and potential viewers) what your video is all about.

4) Video Tags

Tags are one of the most important factors in YouTube SEO. 

You want to include a variety of relevant tags to give your video the best chance of being found.
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5) Thumbnail Image

Your thumbnail image is the first thing that potential viewers will see so you want to make sure it's eye-catching and relevant. 

It helps if you're familiar with graphic design!

6) Video Category

Choosing the right category for your video is important because it helps YouTube understand what your video is about.
youtube categories
youtube closed captions

7) Closed Captions

Closed captions are important for two reasons.

First, they make your video accessible to a wider audience including those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Second, closed captions are indexed by YouTube so they can help your video rank higher in search.

8) YouTube Transcripts

Like closed captions, transcripts make your video accessible to a wider audience and they are indexed by YouTube which can help your video rank higher in search.
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By following these tips, you can improve your YouTube SEO and get your videos ranking higher in both YouTube and Google search.

Don't have the time to do it yourself?


Why choose FCAB?

Agencies. They're everywhere.
Here's 4 reasons to trust us:

Cross-Industry Experience

We've got a range of clients from multiple sectors, from cybersecurity and IT, to construction and architecture.


We're trusted partners of global software brands. Like them, we share the mission of great value and unrivalled service.


We don't claim to know everything. We know SEO, websites, and CRM. 
In other words, we're experts in the sales process.

Open Dialogue

We don't just send reports each month. We like to keep in touch.
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Does YouTube SEO really work?
Yes. Being owned by Google, YouTube takes search very seriously. By using YouTube SEO, you are telling Google that you are the authority on the search terms that a user has entered.
Is YouTube SEO the same as Google SEO?
No, is isn't. The key differences are the content that YouTube delivers versus Google Search.

YouTube videos are different to websites. A website has multiple types of media with a primary focus being the written content. The principles of YouTube SEO and Google SEO are therefore different.
How do I get my YouTube video to go viral?
The virality of a YouTube video is all about the content. If your video resonates with people, makes them laugh, or teaches them something they don't know, it increases the chances of it going viral.
Is TikTok better than YouTube?
From a search perspective, no. TikTok does not have the same number of daily users as YouTube.

TikTok has a younger demographic and therefore the purchasing power of users is much lower, as is the number of products that are relevant to its users.
Is YouTube a search engine?
Yes. Whilst we use YouTube search differently to how we use search engines like Google and Bing, in terms of the number of searches performs, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.
Is YouTube owned by Google?
Yes, YouTube is owned by Google. YouTube SEO is different to Google search engine optimization, however.
How do you rank up faster on YouTube?
By promoting your videos using YouTube SEO!
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So, how can we help?
If your YouTube channel isn't making you money, it is costing time.

By working with us, you are partnering with people who know how to:

  • Boost video traffic
  • Increase sales
  • Save time

Get in touch and let's talk about how we can do these things for you.

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